If you’re interested in being a official member of Essex Rifles, here’s a few things you may want to know:

Firstly, activity levels are not important for basic membership, we do not require you to play daily for x hours.  However, if you are a clan member it is important that when playing games we support, you show up on our servers now and then.  We do encourage website activity even if you cannot game for a while.

Most of our members play offline games or even other multiplayer games that we do not have servers for.  No issues with that, in fact we encourage general  gaming talk in the forums.

Servers are usually started/seeded by people who can spare the time, when they have the time.  It is not compulsory but it is helpful for the clan as a whole.

Advantages of joining the clan officially:
Being part of a community!!
*Spaces made available on request
*Access to private discussion area on forums
*An email address on request
*Entry into our clan only competitions
*Reserved slots on our BF4 servers.

Basic membership is free but donations are welcome.
Our recruitment is now open.  If you're interested please provide the information below with your application in our forums :)   Good luck!

Real  Name:
Origin Name:
In game name BF3/BF4:
Teamspeak? Y/N
Short gaming history:
Have read and agreed to the recruitment page:  Y/N
Why do you want to join?
How would you describe your gaming style?