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Off topic / Escape From Tarkov
« on: November 22, 2017, 01:54:44 PM »
So... i'm back and also back to playing as i now have a bit of spare time on my hands, as a result i fancied something a little different.

As much as i loved the BF2 and 3, i love the more realistic take of ARMA, then the survival of DayZ but that just got annoying with very little changing during the (ans still going on some yaers later) beta stage.

I have looked at PUBG... but it all seems like the same old same with it being an ARMA mod until i found this little gem

Still in beta but in the few weeks i have been playing alot has already changed and it's all for the better.

You get to play as your main character or a "Scav" (every half hour after you die, so you can't keep spamming in as a Scav)
You choose you kit, then join in on a raid to make money, kill as many players as you can and take better kit or both.
If you die, you loose everything.... make it out, everything goes to your stash, all of which can then be traded for money etc

The nice thing about this is you can play as a squd or just go solo to ruin others lifes, it's what DayZ's should of been without the zombies

If there is anyone else playing, let me know... i have plenty of the highend gear and weapons to offer and i fancy doing a few raids in a squad... anyone interseted, it's on offer this weekend in black Friday sales

Other Games / Star Wars - Battlefront (open beta)
« on: October 10, 2015, 08:13:08 AM »

I missed out on all the closed beta crap due to work, not having the time and a general bitter taste in my mouth from everything that is linked to DICE and EA for the robbing bastards after the fiasco that is Battlefield.

It was only by chance that i stumbled upon the open beta from starting Origin in one of my annual jaunts on BF3, basically i was bored and looking to ruin lives with bans.

It's not small..... over 10GB, did that put me off?

I see other gaming legends who always hand my arse to me (Ben and Bubblez), did that put me off?

It is still a DICE/EA game, did this put me off?


It looks amazing, better movement than any of the others but above all..... i am the biggest Star Wars geek this side of the Dagobah system and because of this little hitch in my life i feel i am probably the best person to have a go and pick at it..... but i can't.

Guys, get on it.... even if you have to have settings turned to minimum it will look and play better than BattleCrap 3 or 4

I will now be pre-ordering despite all my refusals before

Off topic / Happy Birthday Muggs!
« on: October 09, 2015, 08:46:29 AM »
Well old boy, your reaching that dangerous age where it's time to hang up the bling and settle for some comfy slippers and nice warm cable knit jumpers.

But before all this there is always time to go out with a bang and  go "balls deep"  ;)

Happy birthday and hope it's a good one

Arma 2 and 3 / Good game, good laughs and TEAM work!
« on: February 28, 2015, 07:36:29 AM »
(for the old and the bold) Do you remember Project Reality..... the mod for the glory days of Battlefield 2 when you had objectives, you had to play tactically, you had to actually rely on the person stood next to you and work as a team.

 It seems alot of this has gone from gaming of late, it's more about K/D or C4ing your mate on TS to get one up on them..... and what is the point of it all, to only get the highest score?

As some of you know, there has been a crack team of wana be commandos RAF Reg guys playing in squads and taking the fight to the NME on their own door step, gathering intel, disrupting communication lines, securing air fields and liberating towns from the scum.... they are......The E Team  (dun dun dun dah... dah dah dah)

Slick.... Hanabal with a cone the size of a funnle
Ho.... Thinks he's face (he's not, he's just a chubby blond)
Bubblez.... Like BA, you never know when he's actually angry or happy with his mono tones
Recy.... Mad as a hatter and resembling Murdock
Mirk.... Col.Deker, he knows it all (snigger)
Burke.... Pristine cannon fodder
MaDRoLLeR.... Looking to find somewhere to call home since the vote went "NO"
MiniShox.... The random guy who never shuts up
BadMonkey.... The token new guy

We are of course talking about Arma 3, massive maps, plenty of game modes, graphically stunning for the scale and bloody good fun!
We are considering running our own server so we can get more clan based nights going and if anyone has more knowledge (apart from Monkey... he knows everything and it gets boring asking "The Orical") in setting up servers or wants a mod/mission added then ASK or HELP!!!!! We are a clan!!!

But don't panic!!! If you don't have Arma 3, we also all do Arma 2 as more people have it, no on our servers but we go on "tour", not as good in the graphics but you loose your self in the game play which is what it's all about, so get on TS and ask for a game, i'll be your wingman!!

Come on guys... get involved and get some!

Off topic / one for PomcaT
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:00:55 PM »

"1996 ZX7r. Amazing old machine that still looks the business, BFG till July 15. 26k miles, 2 tyres fitted about 450 miles ago,looks and rides excellently and cheap to insure. Located in Fally
1250 or euro equivalent"

I could get it for aorund 900-1000 but not allowed

Other Games / War Thunder.... what's in your hanger???
« on: December 27, 2014, 06:48:51 PM »
For a totally free game (unless like Alex and you put a little money into the game and have a personal squad larger than the enemy force) you really can't go wrong with this one.

The graphics are amazing and the game play ranges from simple arcade to full on simulator, but it's so simple even Slick has managed to get his wheels off the ground!

But if like me you want to bring a little flare into the game, i felt i would share with you some of my Murican planes i'm flying at the mo (as due to poor German internet i can't twitch videos)

My P-39N Aircobra.... normally with colored smoke

My P63A-10 Kingcobra in its clasic air target colors

My P-39Q trying to look like the Bell X1 but no where near as fast

And my personal favorite at the moment the P-63A-5 in true geek Rebel colors as if killing the Empire

So..... if you've got skins or just some fancy designs.... what are you flying??

Off topic / I Need A Name...
« on: July 20, 2014, 09:25:03 PM »
As most of you know i now have my new (to me) ZX12R Kawasaki 2001 motorbike...... last of the full powered beasts

Really thought i would kill myself on her but after a few hours riding today to get "the Feel" i have found her the most responsive and best handling bike i have ever ridden, and sooooo forgiving!

But all being said it might be lulling me in to a false sense....

Now i need a name so i put it to you all to throw some names in then (if someone could do a vote for me as i'm a noob and crap with things) and i will name her on my return this Friday and will wet her head


Off topic / Narom's Bike Ride
« on: June 21, 2014, 10:56:42 PM »
So for those that don't know Narom will be joining in with this amazing ride today for charity.... again!

I have already said that he should of asked Surfy and put a link up so we could sponsor him but the night before is too late lol

Sooooooo crazy idea.... i have already said i will join him next year, why not a few more as a show of support and we can have a good giggle along the way?

It's a bike ride... it's for a good cause... it could be an ER meet that is "allowed" with our respective others without spending shit loads to look at games you can see on YouTube

As for Mr Moran.... all the best for tomorrow and push that time under 4hrs  ;) Good Luck and have the pile cream ready

Technical / New Parts!
« on: May 03, 2014, 10:55:47 AM »
Well I don't know how I managed to convince her into letting me get new parts but she has, it's probably because I'm getting a "bonus" at the end of the month of 6000 (ish after tax) and she's letting me have 300 for me, yes 300 just for me!!!
As you can see all my hard work for the bonus has paid off but I hear you all saying what about the other 5700.... if I ask for more it just isn't practical..... the dental treatment alone for begging for more would just cover the cost sooooooooo...

I will be ordering my MSI GTX 770Gaming 2GB (to match my mobo) AND AOC E2461FWH 24 inch monitor at the end of the month via Amazon (through our home page).... TAX FREE!!!!! (292 altogether)

SCAN sadly do not deliver to Germany and Overclockers wanted an extra 100 in total for the same shit!

Any way, I've said it before so i'll say it again.... if any of you are looking for new bits and don't mind waiting a few extra days I will be happy to order parts for you through Amazon and then post on to you upon delivery if if helps with budgets as I can get TAX FREE from Amazon

Bens Emporium / New Intel
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:13:09 AM »
So Intel have released their new chip which is a "true" 8 core processor with hyper threading, which as we know takes it to 16 cores on paper. It looks like the asking price is going to be around the 1000 mark (or a pair of Slicks shoes to bring it to terms that we all understand)
It would pay for itself if you do vast amounts of CAD or video editing but where will it take the humble gamer in the quest for more power, will Soad struggle fi reasons to over clock, will developers struggle with programming (DICE are still only just trying to get over 4 cores after all)
Please, give your views as I haven't seen anything on paper as of yet and you probably know more than I ever will.... discusse!

Other Games / TitanFall (Beta).... THE REVIEW!
« on: February 16, 2014, 12:13:13 PM »
Well as some of you know by now I managed to win the Beta code in the competition started by Soad, much to the upset of some of our members who actually wanted to play this game,and as part of my winning I was also asked told by Chaos that I should write a review.

I would also like to say that I didn't put the code up for sale to make any coin but did in fact install and see what all the fuss was about.  :-X

Now I had heard a lot about this game via TS from all the eager and very keen members and seen a few vids (also posted on various TS links and in our very own forums) but wasn't convinced myself as to the game it's self. Battlefield is what I play, the occasional bit of Star Wars-The Old Republic, WoT, War Thunder and a few others that I have on Steam but nothing along the lines of this.

So for the setting....

Well it's the future, on another planet where we find a war raging between the IMC (Interstellar Mining Corporation) and the local militia, so far pretty standard as far as most games go but both sides have a special weapon.... the Titan.
TitanFall doesn't look like a massive step on the graphics of BF4 but in action it is a different story. It's very slick with a lot going on and all this is LOCKED at 60fps!!!! (using the standard settings advised from the game on high)

In what looks like a very detailed post-apocalyptic setting taken straight from "Elysium" we find both teams starting on different side of the map (standard).
For the basic soldiers you have the a few classes Rifleman, Assassin and CQB.... but there is a difference, it's not like BF or CoD as every soldier(or pilot) has the ability to do massive jumps, fast running, wall running with the aid of a suit that seems to of been taken from GI Joe's "Accelerator" suit. This gives you a different approach to the basic run to battle and after some practice you can charge into battle seamlessly skipping from walls, roofs and massive double jumps like Assassins Creed.

After a timed delay (reduced by number of kills) you unleash the Titan! Similar to 2014/Pacific Rim, you jump in and pilot these robotic killing machines but it's not what you'd expect, by this I mean they are not slow and cumbersome but agile and with good defences (something from the Matrix). If you want to keep playing on foot you can even have your Titan follow you or position it in a defensive position.

Now I had heard that you can only have 6 players on each side, this is true, but you also have AI soldiers to fight with which are actually rather good. The AI guys are easier to kill but this helps reduce you time for Titan spawns which works really well. I was a bit dubious about having a low player count but given the size of the maps and the amount going on, it's perfect. 

With the Beta you only get 2 maps and 2 game types... TDM and Domination style games but they are both awesome.

It's not a reinvention of the FPS from BF4 but an enhanced game that flows with the ultra-mobile pilots and heavily-armed Titans but more importantly... IT'S FUN
It is far better than I actually expected and considering this is just the Beta I am now looking at ways of nagging her or possibly renting/selling the children to a sweat shop.
 So, bearing in mind that I would give Bf4 7.5/10 despite it being so buggy and broken (I still have hopes for DICE to fix it) I would give this 9/10... it's so much fun!

Now for technical
I played it with :  CPU-AMD 1100t BE @4.0Ghz, GPU Palit GTX 660ti Jetstream (stock), 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM all on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 with game settings as standard with 60 fps

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